Rose Makes It To The Big Time on “Lost”

Yippee! Yahoo! Zippedeedodah! Praise Be to Whomever! Finally! Finally! Finally a storyline on LOST for “Rose”, the middle aged black woman who we’ve only seen in little snippets since the premiere of the crash on LOST. And a love story with a mature couple, Rose and Bernard, to boot! And it is interracial too!! My oh my, I am beside myself with glee! I’ve been a big fan of the show since the premiere but I always thought it was a tad bit odd, to say the least, that the only middle aged people that survived were “Loch” and “Rose”. Are we bad swimmers? Maybe middle-aged people can’t hold their breath as long underwater? I don’t know. Oh wait…. there was a middle-aged science teacher on one episode but they blew him up. Anyway, we know a lot about Loch and nothing about beautiful, soulful, profoundly wise Rose and I’ve been dying to know more. Plus it was really starting to annoy me that I might not survive a plane crash because of my age. Well last night my prayers were answered. Phew! Rose made it to the big time. Of course it took a man to do it. But the discovery of Bernard on the other side of the island helped to incorporate Rose into the main storyline. Yes.. Okay…Let me say it again?. it took a man in a woman’s life, in this case Rose’so life, to get her noticed but at this point who cares how. It got the job done. The actress and actor who play Rose and Bernard are brilliant and seasoned actors with a wealth of knowledge, life experience, emotion, wisdom and expression on their faces in those close-ups. They created a charismatic relationship and wonderful love story. Now there is something for us older folks to relate to and we can fly with a little peace of mind now. Thank you Thank you Thank you and a Big Bravo to the producers and writers of LOST. Keep it up.
Debbie Zipp, In The Trenches Productions

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