Your Inner Whistle

Okay, okay, I admit it –I’m over 50 now, but it started in my 40’s. I used to hate walking down a street and getting whistles and other immature gestures from the men around me (again, I admit it – there were never hundreds, but…) when the whistles came less and less and finally disappeared altogether, yes, I missed them. “ What changed?” I would ask myself as I slowly noticed I was becoming invisible. I still feel so young and vital and it was all so subtle. But then one day I had the strong realization that I was no longer who I thought I was. Where did that young woman go? Who was that in the mirror? That looks like my mother. But she is back in Kansas. Was the lack of whistles making me question my worth because I was gingerly entering middle age? I saw myself one way but the world obviously saw me a different way or didn’t see me at all. I was okay with getting older —I thought. But it didn’t seem to be okay with the rest of the world. And since it isn’t okay with the rest of the world I guess it isn’t okay with me. It wasn’t just the bruised ego (okay I admit it —I’m vain) that was affecting me but it was something much more important and elemental. My work. My career took a BIG hit. Now it wasn’t just about my vain ego, but the house payments, the kids’ schools, even my hair dresser…in other words, my mere survival. It was the inability to fulfill myself in my work AND pay the bills! Just as the whistles slowly disappeared and my self worth went with it the opportunities for work started to fade away as well. I was fading away. It was a shock. I had never imagined not being able to make a living because of my age. How naïve of me. So after a period of self-pity, loss, confusion, some facial exercises and failed attempts at the gym the “boomer” took over. Boomers don’t just sit back and take it. They DO something about it. So why on earth should I fade away now, when I feel full of more possibilities and ideas and goals than I ever did in my tunnel vision focused youth.

Luckily, oops I mean sadly, there were a lot of girlfriends in the same boat and we decided to team up to find a way to empower ourselves. Thus, the old cliché, REINVENT YOURSELF became very valuable to us. It was a revelation to discover and learn new things. It isn’t easy to find a new passionate purpose at this age but after many different paths were tried, investigated, invested in we did find a way to use our collective skills, talent, vast knowledge and wisdom to DREAM A NEW DREAM…Together! I highly recommend it. Of course the road is never easy but the journey wouldn’t be fun if it weren’t challenging. And it is challenging in a big way. And it is challenging to feel beautiful at this age. But being part of a team of friends helps meet all the challenges. We keep telling each other how good each one of us looks without plastic surgery. And I’m trying to get to know that stranger in the mirror. It is time to get to know her and concentrate on what I like about her. Embracing ourselves as we are now and finding beauty in that and beauty in all the wisdom, strength, knowledge, experience and knowledge we possess at this age will empower us so we won’t need the whistle from the street anymore because we will have found it within ourselves. Then the world will finally take notice and see us as we should be seen. Beautiful and Powerful Women Over 40!

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