Love and Sex Are In The Air This Summer

YES! Love and sex for women over 40 are in the air (or I should say in the movie theatres) this summer. There are two films playing in limited release that may not have come to your attention yet. So the In The Trenches Productions Grass Roots Campaign is doing just that: bringing them to your attention! It is a rare event when a woman over 40 has a starring role in a feature film these days and we need to support them and bring up their box office numbers. Now they may be hard to find, but I’ll try to give you some website addresses here to help you. But we urge you to check your papers for any theatres showing these two films and get your bodies in there. Air-conditioning, popcorn and helping support our fellow 40+ females, who could ask for more?? First, playing in the movie theatres now is HEADING SOUTH. “Directed by Lauren Cantet, HEADING SOUTH is about older single women in 1970’s Haiti vacationing at a resort where impoverished local beach boys serve as holiday gigolos. The teenagers devote themselves to nourishing the women’s starved libidos in exchange for food, gifts and temporary refuge from the perils of the island’s repressive regime. A rave review by Stephen Holden in The New York Times called the movie “one of the most truthful examinations ever filmed of desire, age and youth.” For more information about HEADING SOUTH go to: BOYNTON BEACH CLUB, directed by Susan Seidelman, Is opening August 4th in Los Angeles at the Westside Pavilion. “ If you think you know what goes on behind the gates of our nation’s retirement communities, think again. This winning and witty romantic comedy, starring Dyan Cannon, Joseph Bologna, Sally Kellerman, Len Cariou and Brenda Vaccaro shows that it’s never to late to fall in love. As the head end of the original Baby Boomer generation now approaches retirement age, the concept of what it means to be older has dramatically changed. So those who think that new love and romance end well before retirement age are in for a reality check. No one sees themselves as becoming old, and the residents of Boynton Beach aren’t about to start. In a world where 60 is fast becoming the new 40, Boynton Beach Club shows us that it’s never to late too fall in love with ourselves and others, whatever your age” For more information go to: We MUST flock to these movies to show support. They don’t just have a woman over 40 in a lead role but they are movies where these women are in love or having sex or both! What could be better!

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