Beauty Has No Age Limit

We women have known this for eons, but has at least one company finally come to that conclusion as well? Could it be??
Check out and see. At last…LONG last….a company has come to realize that not only are we still beautiful as we age, but guess what? We have money, honey!! And we buy lots and lots of stuff! And we will, in all probability, reward companies who finally start to take notice of us.
I congratulate Dove for recognizing us – and very nicely, I might add: some lovely ladies on their site and a “commercial you’ll never see on tv” utilizing them.
I’m hoping, however, that that phrase will prove untrue – that we WILL see such commercials on tv some day…some day soon. I urge all of you to yell and scream at, or at least write, other companies that should be utilizing older women in their advertising campaigns, and point out to them the intelligence displayed by Dove. Do older women not buy clothes, shoes, perfume, make-up, computers, cars, games, and everything else under the sun?? ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’, ladies…do not simply quiet down and watch the passing parade as those birthdays add up…get out there and show the world that Dove is correct…Beauty Has No Age Limit, and neither do we!!
Judith Drake, In The Trenches Productions

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