It’s Downhill After 45!

ITS ALL DOWNHILL AFTER 45!!!Or so they try to tell us. I mean the usual ‘they’…commercials on tv & radio, movies, tv shows, print ads. They continually tell us, or imply, that we must snip that, plump this, lipo the other, or, Heavens forfend, we might show our actual age! And as they keep telling us in every possible way, life will assuredly fall apart when we pass that dreaded 45, so whatever you do, don’t let anyone know! That’s what they keep telling us.
But guess what? I have direct evidence to the contrary! – And by the way, none of the following give a hoot about lines, paunches or eyes that look normal instead of perenially agape. They have discovered that life not only goes on after 45…it rages! Ask the woman we just gave a 99th birthday party to at my Y…she lives alone, drives, comes to exercise every day, and just returned from a cruise. Ask my 83 year old actress friend who drives from Burbank to-hell-and-gone (i.e. Long Beach, Santa Monica, Culver City, etc.) for auditions and work. Ask my 81 year old friend and her husband who, when they were young, planned to travel the world when they retired, and have done so…at least three trips a year since they hit 65, just back from Egypt. And in her spare time she works with an animal rescue group. Ask the girl I grew up with..65 now, but still ten years old to me. She just got back from swapping homes with a lady in Mexico for six months, where she worked on pottery and fabric art…a career she took up in her 40s after deciding lawyering wasn’t really what fulfilled her. Ask my sister-in-law, who just turned 60 and just published her first book. And ask my other friend, seventy something, who designed wedding dresses for years in NY, then retired to Las Vegas, and guess what? Still designs for co.s around the world…last trip was to China…working harder than before retirement!
So I don’t believe what the media keeps trying to shove down my throat…and, to quote one of my favorite film characters, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take this any more!” I’m gonna start writing tv shows, film producers, companies whose commercials use women from never-never land, and ask why the heck I don’t see any of ME or MY FRIENDS represented in their ads, shows, movies or commercials??? And I’m gonna write to newspapers and magazines and ask why they aren’t writing articles about real people like us, who, believe it or not, have not hidden away somewhere and stopped spending money since we hit 45. As far as I’m concerned, life is just beginning…and its time for them all to catch up!
So there!
Judith Drake, In The Trenches Productions

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