Okay, lets clear our schedules and run out to support a couple of flicks with some wonderful 40+ actresses in them! We’ll get two birds with one stone…not only will we have an enjoyable few hours watching some wonderful older actresses, but with our ticket purchases we’ll be telling the powers-that-be that these are the kind of films we really want and to keep making them, because we will support them!

“Broken English”, Zoe Cassavetes directorial debut (daughter of John Casavetes, independent film movement pioneer), opens today June 22nd. The wonderful Gena Rowlands, Zoe’s real-life mother, plays Parker Posey’s overbearing mother in this romantic comedy, continually reminding her that she’s in her thirties, and still (egad!) unattached. Also written by Zoe, the script has more than a few autobiographical touches.

Another opening weekend go-see is “Evening” which opens June 29th. This film full of great actresses over 40 explores the romantic past, along with the emotional present, of Ann Grant, played by Vanessa Redgrave (Claire Danes plays the young Ann). On her deathbed Ann remembers, and is moved to tell her daughters, the defining moments of her life. The daughters, played by Toni Collette and Vanessa’s real daughter, Natasha Richardson, will find that their mother’s greatest secret will also be her greatest gift. Other wonderful older actresses abound, Eileen Atkins and Meryl Streep among them.

Then when you get home from the movie houses, be sure and check your TV schedule, and tune in to “The Starter Wife” on USA. Based on the novel by Gigi Levangie, and starring Debra Messing and Judy Davis, among others, it follows the ex-wife of a Hollywood studio boss as she starts her post divorce life. How can any woman resist a character (Molly Kagan, played by Messing) who says, “Of course I’m cranky, I haven’t eaten in 12 years!”
And last but not least, there’s this new ‘reality’ series, “Age Of Love” on NBC, which is pitting 20-somethings against 40-somethings, as they vie against each other trying to win over the young man who has been given this quandry of choosing between them. Some of my friends hate it and find it demeaning, others are enjoying it. I personally will withhold my judgment until the young man makes his choice. If he shows his intelligence, common sense and wiseness by choosing one of the over 40s, I shall vote ‘Aye’. If, on the other hand, he shows his insensitive, coarse, shallow self by choosing one of the dime a dozen 20-somethings, I shall vehemently vote “Nay”!

Yours in Sisterhood, Judith Drake

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