Thanks to MORE 40 ain’t the end…It’s just the beginning!

Need more proof that life doesn’t come to an abrupt halt after hitting 40, despite what most commercials, ads, tv shows and films try to tell us? Well check out the July/August edition of MORE MAGAZINE and you’ll get ‘more’ interesting stories of women who have made immense changes in their lives mid-life. Among them is a woman who at 48 dropped everything and started a new business that became hugely successful, one who at 40 up and quit her unfullfilling job and struck out as a writer, and one who, at 49, decided she needed to walk and lost 120 pounds, discovered she had leukemia, dealt with it with her new-found strength, and met a new man and moved from Ohio to New Mexico in a heartbeat…saying that because of that first step (literally) she realized “…that I could do whatever I wanted to do, and that I was the one holding myself back all those years.” – Wouldn’t it be great if we could ALL make that realization??

There is also an interview with the lovely Holly Hunter in this edition, talking about her new TNT series, SAVING GRACE, in which she actually gets to play a woman of her own age…49! A big pat on the back to TNT for having the good sense to develop a series whose lead character is a 49 year old Oklahoma City detective who looks and acts her age, is unattached, “..tough-talking and free-loving”. You should definately be tuning this one in!

And heres to all of us over-40 women who won’t allow the mistaken views of most of the media to hold us ‘in our place’ and tell us who and what we should be! And a gold star to MORE for ‘discovering’ us and helping spread the word!

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