Could it be? Could it possibly be?? For the second time this week a new series has begun starring, be still my heart, a wonderful actress well over 40 years old!! FX has had the intelligence to allow the multitalented Glenn Close to display those talents with a vengence. The new series DAMAGES aired last night and as far as I am concerned, tv lawyering will never be the same! Instead of the usual male hard-ass head of a legal company bent on winning at all costs, we have a female one! And her intelligence, maliciousness, scheming, and sheer ability to run the world around her with the lifting of her pinky finger is deliciously enjoyable to watch. Why would we ever go back to the ‘male way’ series are usually done?? Is she nasty? Yes. Is she dangerous? Yes. Is she evil and frightening and sure to cause horrendous things as this series wends its way thru the season? Yes. But will we be mesmerized by the sheer depth of the talent involved and smiling through it all despite our feelings of “Oh no, surely she wouldn’t do that”? Yes.
I wish her and the rest of the great cast, which includes a smarmy Ted Danson and an intelligent but naive Rose Byrne, among others, the best as they make their way thru the TV legal system this season, and I can only hope that this and the other ‘opening’ this week…Holly Hunter’s SAVING GRACE on TNT..will get such a wonderfully large audience that it will show the rest of the tv world how smart it would be to come up with more series starring…wait for it………actresses over 40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this article-
    Here in Australia, when ‘Damages’ went to air, it was so popular there was a second sreening the following night. I have to admit I am a huge fan of the show, enjoying the role Glen Close plays and pretty much the whole format of the show! Never been much of a fan for ‘Cop’ shows, and feel as though we have been swamped with way too many! It is a real pleasure to see Candice Bergen gracing our screens in ‘Boston Legal’, absolutely LOVE this programme, both shows present the style of woman that I doubt any young adult could ever portray and am proud someone finally ‘saw the light’! Probably a mature savvy female?????

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