What Are We Telling Young Women?

I was working on a TV show the other day….got there at 7am, dragged myself to the makeup trailer and slumped down into the chair, wondering if I was ever gonna wake up. I needn’t have worried. The conversation going on between the two young, attractive, 20-something hair/makeup women woke me up immediately.
“How is she doing?”
“OK…she said they think the operation went well, they won’t know for sure for a few days, and she’s in some pain and won’t be able to see for a while.”
Oh dear, I thought, one of their friends must have been in an accident, or, God forbid, have the big C or something. So I asked what had happened.
“Oh she got her eye lids done.” “How old is she?” I asked. “22. But they were a little baggy.” “Oh”..and I shut my mouth.
Their conversation continued. One said that as soon as she had the money she was going to get her face pulled tight and maybe a little lipo. The other said she wanted to have her boobs done and remove a little from her ass.
“Well” said one, “if I ever get the money, I’ll just have everything they possibly can do and have it done all at once.”
And the conversation went on and on…as I looked at their reflections in the mirrors…two lovely young girls…and wondered what the heck is wrong with this generation. What has our entertainment, fashion, magazine and ad agency ruled society taught them?? There are thousands around the world dying daily of starvation and hostilities, there are people who can’t afford to buy a compact and lipstick, let alone worry about how their noses look, and these girls just spent over an hour discussing cosmetic surgery and how they can’t wait to get some!!
I think its time we started letting the younger generation see REAL women in the movies, the TV shows, the magazines, the commercials, the billboards and the magazine ads that pepper their lives. We must start letting them see and understand that life is not about looking perfect (whatever that term means to them) but about being unique.
Hopefully more and more people will visit us at In The Trenches in trying to do just that. In trying to show the world that age and looks are not what it’s all about.
Judith old-chubby-lined-and-lovin’-it Drake
In the Trenches Productions.com

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  1. Great posting! This is so sad that we are focusing so much on the outside of the body and not on what is really important. How much money and time and energy are women spending on diet pills and surgery that could be used to transform the world

    Zoe Zuniga
    holistic health for women over 40

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