Actresses who actually look like real women!

Whether its because I am now a 65 year old actress, or whether by chance, I have suddenly noticed a spate of older actresses who…could it be?…actually look their age instead of 22! – I was at a screening of “Gone Baby Gone” the other day, and there was Amy Madigan looking like a middle-aged woman. That was followed by a screening of “Atonement”…and there was Vanessa Redgrave looking like an older woman. Then last night I was watching “Law & Order SVU” and there was the actress who plays the character Elliot’s wife (forgive me, I’ve forgotten her name), looking like a woman hitting her 40s…and then I noticed that the other women on that show – Mariska Hargitay, Judith Light…all of them, while looking good, also look REAL! Good for them!!!! And I hope, whether its because I’m now 65 and noticing these things more or not, that I continue to be able to chalk up tv shows and movies that treat the female characters as they have always treated the male characters…and allow them to be REAL human beings who actually progress beyond the age of 22! My heartfelt thanks to them all and to the actresses, who, even if they have had some facial work done, want to remain looking human. Thanks, ladies!
Judith, 65 & proud of it, Drake, Blogger for Women Over40 Rock/In the Trenches Productions

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  1. Welcome to the Baby Boomer Divas group! And I totally agree. I’ve been told I look younger than my years and that’s with having brought up 5 daughters! Someone told me off recently for using an ‘old’ photo on my websites and I had to tell them that was the latest one, only taken a year ago 😀


    Kathie M. Thomas

  2. Maybe we older women are in vogue now? Of course we are, because now we’re old enough not to care, lol!

    I’m so happy to see actresses like these and Holly Hunter, Sally Field, Candace Bergen and others stepping back into the limelight as powerful, dynamic and interesting people. And kudos to women like Penny Marshall and others who are becoming directors, producers and power brokers in the old boys’ club of Hollywood!

  3. As a woman of a “certain age” myself, I applaud your sentiments. The old and stale belief that only younger women are attractive enough to act on the stage or screen is being proven wrong by us boomers. We’re just too doggone feisty to take “invisibility” lying down!

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