Our time is now.

As a young girl growing up in the ‘60s, I was raised in a sheltered New England community. Back then, I had yet to see a female newscaster, a female doctor, a female astronaut, or a female soldier. My young mind would have thought such a thing impossible.

Not long ago, the mature woman, as presented to us by mass media, was obsessed with keeping her husband’s dirty shirt collars clean and his coffee cup filled. To be a woman relegated you to a narrowly defined path; you were not encouraged, or expected, to wish for more. Television and movies portrayed the over-40 woman as asexual, content to tend to the needs of others at the expense of her own. What dreams they may once have harbored, now buried beyond reach. The worn cliché of a woman never admitting to being over 29 years of age is grounded in fact; to admit to anything else was to put oneself in danger of being deemed obsolete.

Flash to the 21st century — today. What a difference! From Hollywood to Washington DC, female role models abound. Together we have witnessed, and continue to witness, history in the making. History made when Nancy Pelosi took to the podium as the first-ever female US Speaker of the House. History now unfolding as Hillary Clinton becomes the first woman in history to find herself in serious contention for the position of United States President. Whether or not Hillary is elected, the landscape of US politics is forever changed. For the better.

Our time is now.

One need look no further than Candice Bergan’s character, Shirley Schmidt of ABC’s Boston Legal, to see a woman of action. Age is no barrier to Shirley, nor to Candice. They’re both smart, successful, vibrant, and confident in their sexuality. No wonder Candice was chosen to play the part.

Sally Field, Diane Keaton, Teri Hatcher, are just a few of the many women over 40 who have, throughout their careers, helped to shape the collective consciousness of more than one generation. Our daughters look, as did we, to these older women, and to the characters they play. In them, they see walking, talking evidence of that which is possible; that they too are free to pursue their dreams.

The beautiful and intelligent Vanessa Williams, age 44, gracing of cover of February’s More Magazine, it’s 10th Anniversary Edition, said, “I’m enjoying every moment. In your twenties, you think, I’ve got to prove something. In your forties, you don’t.” Bravo, Vanessa.

Our time is now.

We’re wiser at 40 than we were at 30. But to those of us nearing 60, 70, or older, the 40-year old is but a child. Most of us, sadly not all, have, by the time we’ve reached 40, learned some lessons along the way. For sure, we’ve learned a thing or two about life, and about our ability to cope and adapt when change rears its head. We embrace our dreams; no longer afraid of failure, for failure is just another lesson to be learned. We refuse to live a life of regret forged by an unwillingness to act upon our dreams.

Face it, 40 isn’t the new 30 any more than 60 is the new 40. But so what? We no longer feel compelled to lie about our age. We’ve earned those numbers and do not shrink from admitting them. We no longer feel it necessary to add “for my age” to the end of each sentence when we see ourselves in a mirror and admit that we look pretty good. Far from hanging up the “out of order” sign, aging prepares us to experience that which is to come. Our confidence, not to be confused with youth’s false bravado, is real, and comes from deep within. We’ve learned to trust our instincts in our quest to realize our potential.

Our time is now!

Speaking for myself, this is one over-40 woman who will not sit on the sidelines, content to watch the young girls have all the fun.

My Time is now. How about you?

Posted by Mandy Crest, Blogger for Women Over 40 Rock! and In The Trenches Productions


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  1. Great post!

  2. I totally agree! Our Time is NOW! I am more at ease with myself and with others, have an easier time with deep and meaningful relationships and generally LOVE Life!

    Great post… thanks for sharing.

    Heidi Richards, Founder & CEO
    The Women’s eCommerce Association

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more!! My blog, the Feisty Side of Fifty, is all about owning our power and celebrating our years. Women absolutely do get better, stronger, more confident, and more outspoken with age. And, we have earned the right to focus on our goals go after our own dreams.

    Thank you for your wonderful words of inspiration!

  4. Well said. I, for one, am living much more confidently, creatively and passionately than I did 20 years ago. I live, love and enjoy more than I knew possible back then. I enjoyed your post, thank you Debbie.

  5. “I’m Comin’ Out! I want the world to know—got to let it show!” Diana Ross may have sang this song 20 years ago, but it’s still fresh as we boomer diva are comin’ out to show the world we are on the move and making a difference!

    Super post from a super Diva!

  6. Bravo! Our time IS now; and in my book, “A Song for You–Parables and Pearls”, I challenge women to rise like all those you mention in your article have already done. Great post.

  7. As our generation used to say, Right On!

    I remember sitting and listening to an aunt who was lecturing me on makeup. “Always use lip liner to make the corners of your mouth turn up. We must always look pleasant and happy.”

    Today, I am happy to say, women are not afraid of voicing how they feel and what they think. If we’re angry, we shout it. If we are happy, we celebrate it, if we’re annoyed, we voice it, and we are teaching our daughters to do the same.

    Our time is truly now.

  8. […] LIFE OVER 40 IS DOWN HILL? THINK AGAIN! Just saw Mandy Crest’s great Our Time Is Now blog, and it only reinforces the other reinforcement I came across…and one can never have too […]

  9. Mandy: Great blog title & info. I agree, midlife is exciting – the sky’s the limit. Our nurturing hormones have pretty much petered out & we’ve learned from years of living.

    Ellen Besso
    Life Coach for MidLife Women

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