Hillary Clinton: Hold the “B” Word, Please

“By choosing a woman to run for our nation’s second highest office, you sent a powerful signal to all Americans. There are no doors we cannot unlock. We will place no limits on achievement.” — Geraldine Ferraro (1984)

Ferraro? “A four-million dollar…… I can’t say it, but it rhymes with ‘rich.’” — Barbara Bush

Twenty-Four Years. That’s how long it’s been since a woman (almost) made it to the top of America’s political ladder. Despite great strides by other women… some becoming members of Congress, Senators, even Governors, Nancy Pelosi’s 2002 election by her colleagues to lead Congress as Speaker of the House was the next major breakthrough into politics topmost ranks. Just two heartbeats from the presidency.

‘America. Love Her or Leave Her.’ That’s a catch-all phrase used by hard-liners to defend America against criticism. Right now… today… a political twist on that phrase might very well be ‘Hillary Clinton. Love Her or Hate Her.’ Has there ever been a single woman whose very name elicits both elation and revulsion within the ranks of everyday America? You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who rides the middle rail on the topic of Hillary Clinton. Polarization is an apt description of her effect on American politics.

‘Hillary Cries!’ the headlines shout when during a particularly emotional moment her voice faltered, cracked, and her eyes glistened. ‘Hillary Attacks!’ scream the pundits when she dares to disagree with a political rival. She’s cold… calculating. She’s a Bitch!

We live in a country consumed with propping up the idea of family. A country where songs that proclaim, ‘Stand By Your Man,’ reach the top of the charts. But Hillary Clinton, after standing by HER man following a series of, shall we say, indiscretions, has been called an enabler… a lesbian… a dealmaker who, if she had a scrap of pride, would have left him flat. I guess we listen more to the music than the words.

“I’ve been called some names I’d be embarrassed to repeat in public. I’ve learned that my hairstyles and fashion choices provide endless fodder for public discussion and dissection. You know sometimes I’ll walk by and see somebody on TV talking about what I’m wearing and they will have imbued it with great meaning, ‘She chose that color to send a certain message.’ I did? I’ve been told to smile more, I’ve been told to smile less. I’ve been told to speak more loudly, I’ve been told to speak more softly. I’ve been told to not speak very much at all.” — Senator Hillary Clinton

We can do better than this, can’t we? In subtle and not-so-subtle ways, the political process is rife with sexism. But say what you will about Hillary, this country… our daughters… owe this woman an incredible debt of gratitude. Regardless of whether she wins or loses the presidency, she has blown the top right off whatever glass ceiling remained in American politics. Watching her one-on-one debate with Senator Obama not long ago brought tears to my eyes. That this event could happen in my lifetime was not something I would have thought possible.

Give pause before unleashing the ‘B’ word or, worse, the ‘C’ word. Think about today’s young women, many intelligent, hopeful, and ambitious. They’re watching Hillary… and wondering if ambition and success are worth the price she’s paying. If not Hillary, then perhaps one of those young women WILL be a future president. Perhaps one will reach even higher.

Republicans, Democrats, and Independents – whether or not in agreement with her politics – must acknowledge the accomplishments and sacrifice that Hillary Clinton has made for America… and for our daughters.

As for me, I can only hope that someone gives her a copy of this post. If so, I’d like to say, from the heart, ‘Thank you, Hillary.’

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  1. Other observation and opinion on Geraldine Ferraro, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, politics, and the road to the White House: http://bolsonon.wordpress.com

  2. I agree with you in most ways. This is a major event that should have occurred before now. We should have had both serious candidates who were women, African American and other minorities by now. Hillary Clinton is leading the way and she is poorly served by the media and her opponents as I addressed in
    this article
    in which I explain why I am an Obama supporter because I am also a Clinton admirer. Essentially I am choosing Obama over Clinton was done based on what I think the country needs now rather than what women need now and I know that amongst some young women I am criticized for that choice. But that is not my point.

    Strong, competent women (in the best sense of the phrase) have not been well received historically except as anomalies who were also subject to speculation. She is setting a fine example for our daughters and our younger sisters.

    However, I would respectfully like to point out that many many ordinary and unsung women who entered the workplace, politics, military, and professional fields in increasing numbers over the last 50 years blazed the trails to open the way for this. We endured the criticism, resistance, and hateful labels and proved that women are capable of stellar performance and cool heads in crises. Hillary Clinton was obviously part of that movement and has succeeded because of the characteristics that she is most criticized for.

    Those of us who experienced the same remarks when we were in male-dominated professions do not need to imagine the type of pain that the hateful remarks and attitudes bring…we remember the pain. My goal as a woman is that successful inclusion of women fully into any profession or political position is when it ceases to be a remarkable event. When people of both genders look at us and simply say this is the person for the job now.

    Final point, I am so pleased that Hillary Clinton is running this race and whether she wins the nomination or the election or not, I hope the next woman (or African American or Hispanic or Asian) to run for President will not be an event because of the gender or ethnic heritage.

  3. Thank you for this wonderful post. I, too, am amazed and so very proud that the Democratic nomination for President will fall either to a man of mixed race or a women. Astounding and all too long in the making.
    You are right, however, that Hillary has undergone scrutiny and criticism that would never have been leveled at a man. Whatever the outcome, she is an extraordinary woman who has blazed the trail in the name of all of us.

  4. I am your “hard-pressed to find someone riding the middle rail” person (there is always one in the crowd). I am also a Republican, but these days I tend to whisper that confession. As far as Hilary goes, I am very impressed with her intelligence and her strength, however, my primary objection to her becoming president is she is too much a Democrat. I believe she possesses the fundamental beliefs that keep removing Democrats from the Oval office, that being wanting the “government” to rule our lives. This die-hard type of Democrat disguises their desire to rule lives in the form of give-away programs for the needy. They give food to the unemployed hungry but tax the heck out of working Americans. I do think Obama has more of a “America, land of the free” attitude to Hilary’s “America, land of the controlled.”

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